Meeting postponed to October 14-15-16 2020

Due to the fast evolving situation and travel restrictions related to covid-19, we have decided to postpone the meeting to the fall: October 14-15-16 2020. The Venue is unchanged.

We will keep you informed of new registration and abstract submission dates on this website asap.


The 2020 MSE Collaboration meeting will take place May 18 - 20 2020 at Le St Paul, 06300 Nice. It will be hosted by the Laboratoire Lagrange, Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur (OCA), in collaboration with the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer (MSE) and Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT).

The Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer is a planned 11.25m, wide-field, optical and near-infrared facility completely dedicated to multi-object spectroscopy of samples of between thousands and millions of astrophysical objects. It will observe at a wide range of spectral resolutions, from R~2500 to R~40,000, with massive multiplexing (4,332 spectra per exposure, with all spectral resolutions available at all times). With these unrivalled capabilities, MSE will collect a number of spectra equivalent to an entire SDSS Legacy Survey every eight weeks. It will provide essential optical and near-infrared spectroscopic follow-up for millions of faint sources identified in Gaia, LSST, WFIRST, SKA, the ngVLA and many other next generation surveys.

This meeting comes at an important stage in MSE development. Since the last MSE consortium meeting in Tucson (, a number roadmapping exercises were conducted in several MSE partner countries, where it attracted a fair share of attention. In the particularly rich landscape for new facilities and large spectroscopic surveys plans, in Europe, and elsewhere, it is time to re-assess the role of MSE in this landscape at the horizonof 2030's.


The meeting will be a chance to:

  • present key MSE science cases and discuss progress

  • consider plans for the first survey programs being developed for MSE

  • review recent progress of instrument design
  • discuss the science opportunities of MSE in the context of other facilities in the 2030's

  • engage strongly the European component of the MSE collaboration in shaping the project

The meeting will include both plenary and breakout-style sessions. It will be open to the entire international astronomy/instrumentation community, with preference given to current members of the MSE science and engineering teams (in the case of limited capacity).

We solicit contributions from the international community on scientific and technical ideas and lessons learned that will aid the collaborative development of next generation MOS. Please submit abstracts on the Submission page.


  • Jennifer Marshall, MSE, Chair,
  • Vanessa Hil, OCA (FR), Co-chair,
  • Sam Barden, MSE
  • Alan McConnachie, MSE
  • Roser Pello, LAM, (FR)
  • Matt Pieri, LAM (FR)
  • Laurence Tresse, CRAL (FR)
  • Rueben Sanchez-Janssen, UKATC (UK)


LOC: please contact for all practicalities

  • Vanessa Hill, Chair
  • Emma Fernandez-Alvar
  • Georges Kordopatis
  • Mathias Schultheis
  • Sophie Rousset & Christine Delobelle




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Latest News

Due to Covid-19, the meeting is postponed to Oct. 14-15-16 2020

Important dates:

  • Meeting dates: Oct. 14-15-16 2020
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